Application for Thammasat International Student Recruitment (TISR)

Admission Timeline for TISR 2024
Application submission date : 4 - 25 March 2024
Announcement of the eligible candidates for online written and interview examination: 22 April 2024
Test for TU-STAR and Thai Proficiency Test : 27 April 2024
Faculty's test and interview date : 23 April - 5 May 2024
Announcement of successful candidates and scholarship grantees : 16 May 2024

Thai Program = Programs Taught in Thai Language
English Program = Programs Taught in Thai Language and English Language
International Program = Programs Taught in English Language

Instruction for Application Submission
1. Download the " TISR Application Form" at the button " Download TISR Application Form" below, then fill in the pdf form.
2. To submit the application, please fill in the form below on the " Submission Form " button. The applicant must submit the TISR application form together with all the required documents.
3. Please allow the officer to check your application form for 5 - 6 days.
4. Visit this page again to check the status of your application form by key in your "passport number" in the search box below.
5. If your application form is complete, the result will show " Completed".
6. If your application form is not complete, the result will show " Incomplete". The applicants must correct your application by the time given.
7. To correct your application, click the "pencil" on the "Action" row.

Remarks :
- All required documents must be in PDF file. The files must be in high resolutions.
- To check the attached files, follow instruction no. "4". You will see row " attached files" in the table below. Click on the icon to see the attached files.

P No. Name Middle Name Surname Address Phone No. E-mail1 Faculty Program TU-Star1 TU-Star2 TU-Star3 Attached files Results Comment Action